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How much money walks out the door because your employees can’t quote custom rings?

9 Year Old Girl Accurately Quotes a Custom Ring in 3 Minutes

Can your employees do that?

Right Quote

A Custom Pricing Tool for Progressive Jewelers

My Business Increased 20%

How do you address these problems?

Lost Custom Sales 

  • Can’t Provide Custom Quotes Quickly
  • You Can’t Be In Two Places at Once 

Inaccurate Quotes Add Up

  • Can’t Provide Custom Quotes Accurately
  • Didn’t Realize that Design Would Cost So Much

Problems After the Sale

  • Missing Crucial Information 
  • Poor Communication with the CAD Designer
  • Wasting Time and Money on Design Changes.
  • Upset Customers
Custom Jewelry Headache

Hard to Train People

  • Hard to Duplicate Capable Employees
  • Too Time Consuming to Train New Employees

Millennials Like to Be Different

Are you ready to meet their CUSTOM demands?

This is my story...

My name is Joseph Belliston. I founded Boost Up Custom. I am an MBA grad, a 2nd generation jeweler and a 15 year jewelry CAD designer. I started on the jewelry bench at age 16 in my family jewelry store.  As my family’s business was growing, we really focused on custom jewelry. However, there never seemed to be enough time to complete my to-do list. Perhaps you can relate.

Boost Up Custom started just that way. Here’s the story of my three itches and how I scratched them…

Custom Ring Estimator

I strongly believe that one must balance two opposing forces to enjoy success and profitability with custom jewelry, namely:

  • Fast Quotes
  • Accurate Quotes

A fast, shoot-from-the-hip, quote really helps to close custom sales. Unfortunately, it creates a large margin of error. If you shoot to high, you’ve miss the sale.  Too low, and you lose money. If you’re not there to shoot, and your employee is not empowered to shoot, then you lose the sale.

After much frustration, I decided that I needed data.

I wrote down down as many design variables as I could think of. I extended this list to include a bench jeweler’s time. I carefully, tracked, measured, and estimated time and materials. This allowed me to create extremely accurate spreadsheets – spreadsheets that could provide the best estimates of time and material to create any custom piece of jewelry.

The big problem was that my employees couldn’t follow my complicated spreadsheets. I was kind of stuck were I had started. I was the only person who could quickly provide incredibly accurate quotes on literally any unexpected custom idea. That’s what motivated me to develop the Custom Ring Estimator, a software solution to simply and intuitively walk a jewelry sales professional to an extremely accurate quote in minutes.

My family’s business has been using it for sense 2018 and we are selling more and more custom jewelry than ever. The last two new employees sold a custom ring, without help, before selling a ring from the showcase. One of them did it in their first week of working – with no prior professional jewelry work experience.

The Custom Quote Estimator is an empowering custom closer. It quickly and accurately predicts the time and material to create a custom ring. It is the scratch to my first itch.

Custom Checklists

The second “itch” relates to the arduous nature of capturing seemingly ambiguous details and communicating them clearly enough that a CAD designer can get the design right the first time. I needed my employees to:

  • Successfully fulfill custom orders.

Fortunately, as I can designer, I understand the kinds of details needed to be captured and communicated to so that the CAD designer understands what motivates a customer to want a custom piece of jewelry. If the proper details are not captured, the likely result will be a less satisfied customer, more time and money wasted on redesigns, and less profitability.

I developed the Custom Checklists, a pair of powerful and simple tools that comes in two forms:

  • A paper checklist to guide the process of a custom sale. This is a downloadable two-sided paper form that is used during the sale. One side has grids to sketch up jewelry designs. The other side is a checklist to assure that all of the pertinent information is collected while the customer is still present.
  • A digital checklist to be filled out after a sale is closed. The information collected from the second checklist is then given to a CAD designer with all relevant information to design a custom piece of jewelry. The information is neatly summarized in a simple pdf file so that it can be sent electronically, or printed. No pertinent information is forgotten.

The Custom Checklists are the perfect tools to satisfy my second itch.

On Demand Training

The third “itch” relates to the difficult task of training new employees.

Employee turnover costs more money than most people realize, especially in missed sales opportunities. Despite a good strategy to keep employees around longer, one must hire, and train new people periodically. That is why training videos that can be access anytime from anywhere is  valuable.

I created a set of short videos that walk employees through different scenarios that they might encounter while trying to close custom jewelry sales. This video list continues to grow and simplify my life. It will help simply your life too as your employees quickly learn how to use all of these tools to help you close more custom jewelry sales and successfully fulfill the orders.

At Boost Up Custom, we help you close more custom sales, and successfully fulfill the orders.

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