What is Boost Up Custom?

Boost Up Custom helps jewelry retail stores to close more custom sales and successfully fulfill the orders.

Boost Up Custom is a cloud based service company that offers tools and training to boost up custom jewelry sales for retail, manufactures and freelancers. These tools and trainings are designed around computer aided design and manufacturing techniques (CAD/CAM). The tools and training empower sales associates to close more custom jewelry sales, and communicate more efficiently with jewelry customers, CAD designers, and jewelry manufacturers.

Boost Up Custom is working to connect retailers with full service manufacturers, and freelance CAD designers. 

Who is it for?

Boost Up Custom is designed to help retailers, manufacturers and freelance CAD designers better supply the general public’s demand for unique custom pieces of jewelry. 


Empower Your Employees

Your employees are supposed to make you money. Frankly, most store owners don’t trust employees to quote custom jewelry upfront. Additionally, many sales associates don’t know how to close profitable custom sales without help. Fortunately, with the the assistance of Boost Up Custom even new employees can quickly and accurately close any custom concept.

Close Unique Requests Today

Customers frequently have unusual requests. How much will you charge to make a ring with a dragon on the side? Can you make the side like “this” ring and the top like “that” ring? Can you make a ring to fit my stones? The Custom Quote Calculator quickly and accurately predicts labor and material cost on any ring cost, no matter how unique a request may be. Quote it and collect a down payment today.

Stop Missing Custom Sales

While some stores might have a ”Bob” or a “Barbara” to handle custom requests, he or she is often busy. Perhaps he is helping another customer, or setting diamonds on a rush job. Maybe she is out to lunch, on the phone, or off that day. When a customer walks out with a promise that “we’ll get back with that quote later”, you probably just lost thousands of dollars.

Freedom to Choose

Retail stores have the flexibility to manufacture in house, outsource some, or all it’s custom jewelry needs.  One retail store may decide to do CAD in house and outsource the rest, while another store may outsource the CAD and manufacture in house. The retail store is empowered to make the best business decisions for each custom job.


Save Time

Finding it difficult to keep up with all of the custom quote requests? What if retail stores had an accurate tool that could quote for you? The Custom Quote Calculator will save you time and money.  Besides, it is likely better at predicting time and material costs required to complete a custom job than your current method. Don’t believe it? Give it a try.

Better Communication

Retail sales people really aren’t lazy. They just need better training and tools to handle custom orders. Our training and powerful tools help them to remember crucial details about custom designs. Retail sales people’s mistakes used to become your headaches, but not any more. Our retailers know how to communicate custom ideas better. 

Vetted Custom Orders

What do you do to stay competitive? Some manufacturers offer free CAD only to find that you are paying for wasted time on designs that never materialize into sales.  There is a better way. Let Boost Up Custom show you the way to more solid custom orders. Stop wasting your time and money.

No Brainer

How much do you spend on advertising? Advertising is risky, expensive and there is no guarantee that you will see a return on your investment.  What if you could flip that scenario around? It costs nothing to become a recommended manufacturer of Boost Up Custom. If no orders come your way, you’ve lost nothing.  When orders do come in, you will only be charged a simple sales commission. Easy, smooth, and risk free.


Be Your Own Boss

Work wherever and whenever you want. If you want to start your own jewelry design business, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry – Boost Up Custom is here to help. All you have to do is be good at jewelry CAD design. 

It's a Small World

Modern technology is making the world smaller. It’s time to take advantage of our global economy. Computer aided design (CAD) empowers freelancers to design jewelry in one place and send the digital file to be manufacture it in another place.

Communication Checklist

At Boost Up Custom, we believe in the power of checklists. We will supply you with legitimate orders, and detailed instructions.

No Brainer

It costs nothing to become a recommended freelance CAD designer of Boost Up Custom. If no orders come your way, you’ve lost nothing.  When orders do come in, you will only be charged a simple sales commission. Easy, smooth, and risk free.

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