The Custom Quote Calculator helps you close custom sales.rr

Like oil in an engine, the Custom Checklist makes the custom process run smoothly. 

Train employees anywhere, any time with our video tutorials.

This free tool quickly converts millimeter measurements into diamond carat weights.

Custom Ring Estimator

If you can’t quote it today, you can’t close it today. 

It quickly and accurately predicts the time and material required to make virtually any ring – from almost any concept imaginable.  Turn an idea into a close in a few short minutes. 

Get Money Down Today

Don't let them walk without closing the putting money down today.

Real Time Pricing

The Custom Ring Estimator watches the precious metal market and updates hourly.

Customizable Markup

You set your markup. Let the Custom Ring Estimator do the rest.

Amazingly Responsive

Desktop, tablet, cell phone - It works on any device. All you need is an internet connection.

Easy to Use Interface

The simple images and step-by-step method make this tool very intuitive and easy to use. Most quotes will take less than three minutes.

Semi-Mount Rings

The Custom Ring Estimator allows you the flexibility to sale and price the center stone separately like you always have.

Custom Checklist

The Custom Checklist helps you to successfully deliver custom sales.

The ability to communicate ideas with CAD designers well is absolutely crucial to custom jewelry profitability.  At Boost Up Custom, we believe in the power of a well thought out checklist.  The jewelry sales process can be a little chaotic at times. This is especially true when dealing with custom jewelry. Avoid mistakes and become more profitable with custom jewelry sales.

Avoid Mistakes

Crossing your t's and dotting your i's with the Custom Checklist will save you money and time.

Confident & Professional

Customer are often impressed with the detail of the custom checklist and you will look professional and feel confident.

Better Communication

Good communication between customers, retailers, and CAD designers is the key custom success.

On Demand Training

Employee turnover costs you more than the cost of training.  Costly missed sales while your new employees get up to speed quickly add up.

Video tutorials on demand not only free up your time, and are convenient for your employees, they also mean more closed sales and money in your pocket.

How well do you do custom jewelry?

Grade your team's performance on the following areas.

(Be Honest)

Timely Quote 46%
Accurate Quote 53%
Closing the Sale 52%
Communicating Custom Ideas 69%
Training Sales Team 62%

Is there room for improvement?

We can help!

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